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Last updated: 6 Aug 2019

Training and Approval Access is required for the proposal creators in order to create a new Clinical Trial proposal in ePD.  Visit here for more information. or 858-822-2940.

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Linking Training

Find A Research Statement For A Study

Payments & Credits to the Study Account

Clinical Research Billing User Guide

Last updated: 6 Aug 2019

HS Research Fee Schedule & Rates

Researchers can view Clinical Research Billing Resources, including fee schedules & rates on the Revenue Cycle Management "Pulse" site (login required).

For UC San Diego policy information regarding research rates and the Charge Description Master (CDM) go to Medical Center Policies Online and enter 723.1 in the Policy Number search box.

ACTRI Recharge Rates

UC San Diego researchers can view the Recharge Rates using their AD credentials.

Last updated: 8 Oct 2019
Last updated: 6 Aug 2019