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You may contact us by phone or email.  General inquiries by telephone or email are automatically converted to Service Now (SNOW) tickets.  OIA staff do their best to respond to SNOW tickets within 48 hours.

General Inquiries

858-246-4777 (HRPP)  |  |  Reliance Agreements:


Ben Mooso Director 858-229-8978
Kacey Pratt Assistant Director 
Anthony Magit, MD Medical Director 858-822-2889
Daniel Gonzalez Non-Committee Supervisor

Committee Reviews

Cyndi Hahn IRB A (BioMedical) & SCRO 
Jesse Resovsky IRB B (Neurosciences) & IRB D (Pediatrics)
Rachel Reynolds IRB C (Biomedical) & IRB S (Social-Behavioral) 
Kacey Pratt IRB O/P (Oncology) 
Tiffany Hancock Committee Support
Andrea Espinosa Hidalgo Committee Support

Non-Committee Reviews

Expedited and Exempt Research, Non-Regulated Determinations

Meghan Halsey Biomedical 
Erika Ruppert Social-Behavioral/Biomedical 
Allyssa Blair Committee Renewals, Amendments 
Catharine Song Expedited Renewals 
Bridget Surber OIA Admin Assistant 

Reliance Services

UCSD serving as IRB-of-Record for other institutions or UCSD relying on non-UCSD IRBs

Daniel Gonzalez UC sIRB
Alex Holstein Commercial IRB Reliances 

Last updated: 25 Apr 2022