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Last updated: 18 Sep 2019

Invoicing Application

Learn about the Invoicing Application

The VCHS Controller’s Office partnered with Business Application Development Group (BADG) to developed an interim invoicing application for service agreements and OCTA clinical trials. The Invoicing Application (login required) can be used to track all open invoices related to Health Sciences Service Agreements and Industry Sponsored Clinical Trials.


  • Generate invoices
  • View payment status of invoices
  • Monitor accounts receivables
  • Export reports in Excel or PDF format


  • Invoice Tracking and Visibility
  • AR Aging Reports
  • Enhanced Accountability
  • Option to use a standard invoice template


We will provide additional training for your department on request.

Access requests

Email to request access to the Invoicing Application (for Service Agreements and Industry Sponsored Clinical Trials). Use 'ACCESS' as your subject line for faster processing. Include the following information:

  • Name
  • Employee ID
  • Department(s)
Last updated: 6 Aug 2019

Overview of the CART Initiative (PDF)

For more information, visit: CART


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