Training & Education

UC San Diego conducts research studies according to FDA regulations and ICH guidelines. Standardized training and continuing skill development of all clinical research professionals is an important part of preparation for clinical research. It is the responsibility of all staff and investigators to know, understand and maintain sufficient knowledge of the federal, state and local requirements protecting research participants.

Good Clinical Practice (GCP) & Human Research Training

UC San Diego employs the web-based Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) program to satisfy the training requirements for all personnel conducting human subject research at UCSD.

CITI offers two versions of the Basic Human Research Training course: one for Biomedical Investigators and one for Social & Behavioral Investigators. 

A module on Good Clinical Practice (GCP) is also required for individuals conducting clinical trials.

Certification is valid for 3 years

UC Mandatory Annual Training

UC Learning Center

UC Cyber Security Awareness Training & Refresher

As part of the University's efforts to address the increasing threats to the security of information systems and data, a comprehensive security awareness training program is required for all University of California (UC) Faculty, Staff, and Student Employees. One initially completes the full Training then subsequently completes annually the Training Refresher.

UC Sexual Violence & Sexual Harassment Prevention Training

Each member of the University community has a responsibility to help make our campuses safe.  This training is for UC employees who are not required to complete California’s AB1825-mandated training for supervisory employees.  It provides information on preventing and responding to sexual violence and sexual harassment and what each of us can to do tomake our UC culture safer for all.

UC Ethical Values & Conduct and Conflict of Interest for Researchers (COIR) Briefings

All paid UC Employees are required to complete ethical values and conduct briefing. Those in research positions will be required to complete Compliance & Conflict of Interest for Researchers Briefing (COIR), while all other employees will be asked to complete the Compliance Briefing: UC Ethical Values and Conduct. The purpose of these briefings is to reinforce the University of California Statement of Ethical Values and Standards of Ethical Conduct and provide information about conflict of interest and reporting instances of non-compliance.  Employees will automatically be assigned the appropriate training for their role with the University.

UC Annual Compliance and Fraud, Waste, and Abuse Training

All paid UC Health Sciences/Health Employees are required to complete this mandatory annual training. This training is designed to: 1) provide guidance on how to identify and report potential compliance issues. Examples include privacy violations, inaccurate or fraudulent documentation, billing or coding, and research compliance violations; 2) provide guidance on how to handle compliance questions and concerns; and 3) show you how to find Policies and Procedures. 

Last updated: 29 Aug 2019