Business Contracting

The Office of Business Contracting services and assists faculty and departments to collaborate with outside entities to advance the UC mission of education and community services.  Business Contracting negotiates the following:

Clinical Service Agreements (CSA)

  • UC provides a service for a fee
  • Physician providing patient care.
    • i.e. Cardiologist seeing patients at a community clinic for an hourly rate
  • Before submitting a request for a CSA, confirm that the physician does not have a conflict with the outside practice, hospital, or nonprofit organization. If there is a conflict, the 700-U forms must be submitted for clearance from the Conflict of Interest Office.

Training (formerly Affiliation) Agreements

  • An inter-institutional agreement which provides for the training of undergraduate medical and pharmacy students and/or graduate medical and pharmacy students (residents and fellows) at hospitals and clinics and which meets the requirements of UCOP and accrediting organizations (ACGME, LCME, ASHP, ACPE).

State/Local Government Agreements

  • Contracts or Agreements with State of California agencies and with local government agencies (ie. County of San Diego).  These agencies have “caps” or limits on indirect costs.  This agreement type is only used with State of California or local government agencies with such caps.

Provider Agreements

  • Agreements covering SOM purchase of services from outside providers that involve patient services (professional services, facility use).  These transactions are rare and are distinguished from basic purchase orders issues by the purchasing department because they involve highly regulated medical group functions.

Consulting Agreements with outside Organizations

  • Professional agreements with outside organizations. 
  • Agreements can be for a flat fee or an hourly rate.
  • Examples include faculty consulting by sitting on steering committees, attending conferences and  providing feedback on study procedures.
  • Required forms and documents to accompany submission:  700-U form.

Laboratory Service Agreements (LSA)

  • Pre-Clinical activities involving non-human clinical observations.
  • Here, the UC acts merely as a pair of hands to perform a service.
  • Examples of laboratory services include performing assays, reading scans or analyzing data and testing propriety substances in controlled settings.
  • UC provides deliverables to the outside organization often in the form of routine statistical data.
  • Does not contemplate or negotiate intellectual property rights or assignments.
  • Required forms and document to accompany submission: 700-U form, Laboratory Service Questionnaire and Scope of Work.

Required forms such as the 700-U and Laboratory Services Questionnaire can be found here.

Last updated: 20 Mar 2019